Ibnu Zaki(1),

(1) Program Studi Sistem Informasi STMIK Pringsewu Lampung
Corresponding Author


Needed to realize equity health is one of the programs exercised by government Indonesia through social department and the health office, this program was conducted in rural areas and the suburbs. The jamkesmas program aimed at residents who lack or low income in rural areas. With jamkesmas, they are expected to get assistance the field of kesehata in Indonesia. The application of this program in an attempt to fulfill the target through and expansion of the development approach community-based. But to determine participants in jamkesmas very difficult is caused by plenty of the community that will be chosen. It was this ability that make writer would like making a research and make the support system decisions so quickly in the process of selection. The methodology that was used promised to supply a method of tax payers after with criteria promised to supply: possess the mother pregnant/parturition/kids under years old, with children of 5-7 years has not listed yet basic education, primary school aged children/mi/paket a /sdlb (the age of 7-12 years), the son of of nine years of schooling/islamic junior high school mts / for b packet / smlb ( the age of 12-15 ), the son of 15-18 year who has not yet to finish their primary education including of children with with a disability. The result of the support system this decision was based on a fair compensation on the assistance of in jamkesmas in particular the becoming proper of the focal points of the head of a family the process may only lead benar-benar was going to need help this.


third party contributions, a method of weighting product (tax payers after), in jamkesmas in particular the


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